How to E-mail Comgress

How to Meet with Members of Congress for David


 Form Letter to Members of Congress:

Feel free to borrow our Form Letter for Your Members of Congress and add your own personal thoughts to make it your own! The letter asks Members of Congress to cosponsor David’s resolution

Please Also Sign the Petition to Congress from the North Korea Freedom Coalition Asking for David’s Resolution to Move Forward:

Who Represents You in Congress?

This website is helpful to find out how to contact your Members of Congress: 

Congressional Resolution (H. Con. Res. 114/S. Con. Res. 30)

Earlier this year, a joint resolution was introduced in the U.S. Congress to help bring David Sneddon home. The resolution would draw much-needed attention to David’s case, direct the government to investigate the likelihood that David is being held captive in North Korea, and involve the U.S. intelligence community in current U.S. State Department efforts with an eye towards bringing David home and securing his safe return.

The resolution stands a good chance of being brought to a vote in late September if we can gain enough cosponsors. As David’s family members and friends, we urgently request that visitors to our site please consider e-mailing or meeting with their Members of Congress to ask them to cosponsor David’s resolution.  Your efforts are crucial for David’s case at this time!

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee will support bringing David’s resolution to a vote this fall as long as it has 25 cosponsors, including 10 members of that committee. Currently, the resolution has 20 cosponsors, including seven committee members. Now, we need your help so we can gain just five more Members of Congress as cosponsors — including three Foreign Affairs committee members — in order to bring it to a vote.

If you would like to help out, please look at the information below and consider sending an e-mail to your Member of Congress, setting up a meeting with him or her, and also sharing this website with your family and friends.

Do you want to know who currently represents you in Congress, as well as their office phone numbers, locations and web addresses? This site is very helpful .

You can educate yourself about David’s case and share copies of the latest talking points prepared by his family members.

Here is a list of  Foreign Affairs Committee members in the U.S. House and Senate.  We need just three more of these to be cosponsors. House – Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Mbrs 2016

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Please do NOT send an e-mail to the general office e-mail for your Members of Congress or U.S. Senators. This can take months to get a response and will not likely reach the key staff members you need to help you with your request.

Instead, phone the D.C. offices for your Members of Congress and ask to speak with or request the direct e-mail address of the office’s Legislative Aide who handles North Korea issues. Explain that you are a constituent and you want to send timely information about a missing U.S. citizen directly to the appropriate aide. You want to request the Member of Congress help bring David’s resolution to a vote by becoming a cosponsor of it and want to ensure the information goes directly into the hands of the person best suited to bring it to his or her personal attention since the request to cosponsor is timely.

Please direct aides to the talking points on David’s website

Here are the best news articles which summarize David’s likely plight:

The Wall Street Journal

Outside Magazine:

Request a Meeting? Members of Congress are often willing to meet in person with their constituents. You can request to meet about David’s case by calling the scheduler at their local office. Many Members of Congress will cosponsor such a resolution if a constituent brings it to their attention.

You can print the talking points and text of the congressional resolution to hand directly to your Members of Congress:

Please also print the excellent articles from The Wall Street Journal and Outside Magazine whose links are shown above. 

SAMPLE LETTER FOR YOU! If you would like to write a letter or e-mail, here is some sample text from David’s family members. Form Letter for Your Members of Congress and make it your own with whatever personal additions you would like to add to your letter.