Roy, Kathleen and James Visit Japan April, 2012

Roy and Kathleen Arrive at Nirita Airport

On April 28, 2012 Roy, Kathleen and James visited Japan to meet with Japanese families and Japanese NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) concerned with Japanese citizens abducted by DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, North Korea).  This is part of our ongoing efforts to find information about David’s possible abduction by DPRK operatives working in Yunnan, PRC (Peoples Republic of China).  These Japanese families and the Japanese government have been instrumental in returning a few abduct-tees and in uncovering the DPRK ‘s continuing practice of abducting foreign nationals for state purposes.  For example, Charles Jenkins an American citizen was returned in July, 2004 and is currently living in Japan with his wife Hitomi Soga.

While in Japan (April 29) we met with a group called the National Organization for the Rescue of Victims Kidnapped by North Korea whose members include abductee families, members of the Japanese Diet, university professors ( e.g.Yocihi Shimada), and other interested parties.  The rally (large meeting) we attended at the Auditorium in Hibiya Park was attended by 1000-1200 participants.  James addressed the group in Japanese in behalf of our family.

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